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There’s a lot of talk in the industry about whether or not print is ‘dead’. Regardless of the technological advances, print will always have its place in marketing. Yes, the print industry has lost a lot of business to the Internet, but there’s a healthy balance for these two mediums. Every business must evaluate their needs and their target audiences’ expectations to determine the appropriate marketing mix for their organization.

Studies have shown that any significant amount of reading is still preferred in print as opposed to online. Reading from a computer screen still has its limitations and can be very straining for your eyes.

Although technology allows us to create stunning presentations with Flash, Silverlight and even video, it cannot fully replace the impact of print. The quality of the imagery, pop of the colors, weight of the paper and strategic use of gloss offers yet another branding opportunity.

  • We understand your brand and create a consistent brand experience throughout your print materials.
  • The opportunities for print are endless – understanding your target market allows us to create the most appropriate print pieces for your business.
  • Our network of digital printers offers you customized options beyond compare:  custom sizes, custom shapes,  custom finishes, etc.
  • With iMarketing, it’s not just business cards, brochures, l