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Email campaigns are a great way to stay in contact with your target audience(s). When executed correctly, email campaigns are a tremendous asset in your relationship building arsenal.

Emails allow you to efficiently communicate with your customers and keep them updated about new products or services you may offer. More importantly, they are an extremely cost-effective means of communication.

The added bonus of email campaigns is that they are easily trackable. A simple email blast can offer amazing insight into your customers wants and needs to help you define your target audience or target audience segments.

  • iMarketing does not believe in simply sending mass emails. We work with you to define your target audience(s), develop the campaign strategy, design the emails, send your email blasts, and provide tracking data to focus on continual improvement.
  • As always, iMarketing puts the control back in your hands. We’ll set it all up for you and allow you to send your own campaigns if you want. We’re not trying to take work away from your own staff, we’re just here to help in any way we can. But if you don’t have the manpower to manage your own campaigns, we’ll gladly do it for you.